The JesseLee Jones Story

old_clock_by_neyle“It is sometimes assumed that I am a man of great faith, but eternity alone will decide that. The truth is that my life has been filled with others who have simply appeared in my path at the right times, when I needed more faith than I had.

It was their faith that enabled me to keep growing. Keep becoming. Keep finding my way. Keep working and serving. Even to just keep surviving. Then, of course, there is the music. There has been the music, always! Many times the music has saved me. It still does.

If I am to share my story, I must tell the truth, and so I will do that. I will tell the truth. I will speak long of others… and of the music.”

~ JesseLee Jones

BRAZILBILLY, The JesseLee Jones Story – the ebook is AVAILABLE NOW online, and physical books will be available through your favorite bookstore on or before January, 2016.

Check out what critics are already saying:

“A compelling tale of determination, curiosity, fear and faith. One man’s journey to reach the American Dream.” ~ Leigh Ann Dukes

“If you feel like you are a loser, that there is no hope for you, and that you will never amount to anything, BRAZILBILLY, The JesseLee Jones Story, is a MUST READ.” ~ Bert Rowell

“The JesseLee Jones’ story is an immigrant’s story like none other. JesseLee is the epitome of perseverance and is definite proof of how moving forward, not backward, allowed him to be a true friend to his fellow man. The predicaments, in which JesseLee has found himself throughout his life, have surely made him into the great man he is today.”
~ Dr. S. Michelle Vaughn

“This wonderful read confirms that our love of music has the power to loosen chains that once held us captive.” ~ Lynda Watson

“JesseLee Jones’s story is unusual and uplifting. I knew he was a Nashville treasure, and a new century champion for traditional country music. I didn’t know he was a miracle, until I read this book.”

~ Peter Cooper, Nashville, Tennessee


“JesseLee Jones is a unique and fascinating individual. His success story, starting in Brazil with parents of Italian descent and moving alone at a very young age to the USA, virtually penniless, able to sing, but not able to speak English is most inspiring. 

“Today, he speaks Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English and is able to perform songs in these languages as well as Japanese, but his greatest love is traditional American country music.

“He now owns the legendary Robert’s Western World on Broadway, the undisputed home of traditional country music, as well as the historic Nashville Palace near the Opryland Hotel which has seen the start of many enduring musical careers.

“Nashville has never seen anyone else like him and probably never will again. I feel privileged to have witnessed JesseLee’s progress since he first arrived in Nashville and to be able to count him as a good friend.” 

~ George Gruhn, Gruhn Guitars, Nashville, Tennessee


clockJesseLee Jones resolved, at age 22, on his first day in America, “the mother of all nations,” amidst unexpected and utterly challenging circumstances and loss, that “there was no going back!” His story then began to unfold with inconceivable passion and courage. The raw and vulnerable telling of it has required the greatest exhibition of courage to date.

If you are searching for the perfect book…

  • to inspire entrepreneurship
  • to promote undying respect for friends and family
  • to reinforce the importance of ethics and hard work
  • to keep you aware that relationship building must always be ongoing
  • to prompt a deeper appreciation for law enforcement and all public servants
  • to help you more deeply respect the positive aspects of immigration, as well as the joy of diversity
  • to demand respect for country and remind you that the American Dream can still be fully realized and highly celebrated

… then look no further!


TypewriterBRAZILBILLY, The JesseLee Jones Story totally delivers as it shares up broad hope. Furthermore, it powerfully illustrates the life transforming and community building Magic of Music, proving once more that it is indeed a universal language! Nowhere is that more apparent than at Robert’s Western World and The Nashville Palace in Nashville, TN, where hundreds of thousands come each year to celebrate the traditional country music Brazilbilly sound which speaks to all.

BRAZILBILLY, The JesseLee Jones Story belongs on bookshelves and in hearts the world over!

Signing with Larry Carpenter at Clovercroft Publishing


From Larry Ferguson, veteran music manager and industry executive:

“Nashville is Music City, but it’s also the city of dreamers, personalities and legends. Without hesitation, I can say JesseLee Jones falls into all of the aforementioned aspects of this city that he and I call home.

“In many ways, JesseLee is Nashville royalty with the iconic Robert’s Western World and The Nashville Palace as part of his kingdom. These two iconic venues have walls that truly have seen it all. Dolly Parton filmed a movie at Robert’s Western World, and Randy Travis got his start washing dishes and singing at the Nashville Palace, and without JesseLee their legacies could’ve become shortened long ago.

“For many years, I managed the Queen of Gospel Music, Dottie Rambo, and though she’d performed at events held at The Nashville Palace, and I’ve attended industry events at Robert’s, I had never met JesseLee until my beautiful friend MJ Holt introduced us.

“BRAZILBILLY: The JesseLee Jones Story, is a book of many colors, but rooted deeply in this book is the core of the American Dream that we all have heard so much about. This story is so timely right now because this Brazilian, penniless immigrant, with only his dreams and goodwill, made his way to Music City, and used elbow grease and determination to work toward becoming a well-respected American citizen, business owner, country singer and Nashville legend! I love JesseLee’s spirit and share his desire in keeping Nashville’s heritage and honoring our legendary performers (many of whom you will read about in this book). What he and I love about Country Music and Nashville can be summed up with JesseLee’s motto “It’s not what it is, it’s what it was!”

“I love JesseLee Jones, and after reading, “BRAZILBILLY: The JesseLee Jones Story,” you will, too. MJ Holt has captured JesseLee’s spirit and helped put it to words. If you love stories of Faith, the American Dream, Country Music or Nashville, this is a must have book! I can’t wait for the sequel!”